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For .ie Domain only Terms - that you need to agree to
The following conditions are required to be agreed to for the registration of an .ie domain:

1: The holder of a domain name shall indemnify IE Domain Registry Limited and its servants or agents and shall hold IE Domain Registry Limited and its servants or agents harmless from and against any loss, damage, liability, claim or expense resulting from a claim or claims asserted by a third party regarding licensing of or right to use the domain name in question.

2: No liability shall attach to IE Domain registry Limited or its servants or agents in respect of any loss or damage whatsoever suffered by the applicant or a service provider and arising from any action or neglect on the part of IE Domain Registry Limited or its servants or agents in the exercise of the function of the naming authority.

3: I accept that failure to pay the maintenance fee will result in the deactivation of the domain name.

4: I hereby agree to the resolution of disputes in respect of the domain name applied for in accordance with IE Domain Registrys Dispute Resolution Policy in force for the time being, but that this is without prejudice to any and all rights I have in the name applied for and shall not prevent any party to the proceeding from submitting the dispute to a court of law for independent resolution at any time.

Ticking this box accepts the above terms and conditions for
.ie domain requests
When you send the above form to us, with your domain enquiry, we will get back to you and confirm details. All domain registrations will be billed to you on acceptance.
Please note that all domains will require additional services to work. We can provide all necessary services.

Please note we can register in many different domain extensions.
Also some domain registries may require additional information, proof of residency or other conditions.

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