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This page is mostly about how to do certain operations on your computer.

We have also listed a number of the more popular, mostly free to use - open source software applications. The programs listed under the Windows section are avaialble for you to try out on your Windows PC. This will enable you to identify, try and use programs to do the tasks you need to do at no or low cost.

This will allow you, if you wish to move to a Linux operating system quickly as you will know the programming that you need to use with free, open source computer systems, reducing your costs and removing the legal risks that you may currently be open to by using unregistered software.

Many packages are free, some may have restrictions, or low cost licencing,for use by business.

Most of the links we provide will give you all the information you need.

The list we provide is only a selection of what is available. Please let us know if you have any favourite that you would like to add.

Linux - Operating Systems

They come in different distributions, known as flavors or platforms.

Ubuntu Very good to start with and indeed go on with

Fedora is free for anyone to use, modify and distribute.

Knoppix Bootable live system on CD / DVD, Use as a Linux system for the desktop, educational CD, rescue system. Not necessary to install on hard disk, due to on-the-fly decompression.CD can have up to 2 GB of executable software installed or over 8GB on the DVD "Maxi" edition.

Debian We use Debian for a range of our machines.

OpenSUSE a free and Linux-based operating system for your PC, Laptop or Server.

Programs for Linux, Windows, Mac and others

Create your free Office or Home computer and choose all the FREE software you need!


Mail clients

Office Suites

Open Office - This consists of the following:

Want to do more with Open Office then go to:

Open Office Addons for Linux

KOffice 2.0The KOffice project was seemingly shut down permanently in September 2012 without any official announcement

GNOME Office - includes AbiWord, Gnumeric and GNOME-DB data access components. It is a part of the GNOME environment for X Window (on Linux, the BSDs, and other Unix emulating operating systems).

Star Office: Is Sun Microsystems' proprietary office suite software package and includes:

Text Editor Notepad++

Graphic Packages:

3D Graphics

Media Programs:

Players / Editors

Screen capture

TO be added

Calendar / Appointment Manager




Project Management

File Compression

Anti Virus / Security

ClamWin is a Free Antivirus program for Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003 and Vista

Security desktop tools

Instant Messaging

HTML editors

There are other programs to add to this list. If you know of a program you wish to recommend for new Linux users, please use this FORM.


DUN Set Up

E-Mail Setup for Mac Outlook 5

Mac OS 7.5.1 Setup

Mac OS 7.5.1 TCP

MacOS 7.5.1 FreePPP

Mac OS 7.5.1 Open Transport PPP

Mac OS 8 Dialer Configuration

Internet Setup Assistant for Mac OS 8.5

Mac OS 9 Dial-Up Networking Setup - (text only)

Dial-Up Networking Setup for Mac OSX

Mac OS X and Mail Setup - (text only)

Mac Remote Access Configuration

Eudora - get mail headers for MAC

To delete mail from the server in MAC OSX mail

Mac Mail - OSX

Delete mail from server, once retrieved

Show mail headers

MS Explorer for Mac

Latest MS Explorer for MAC


Anti Virus - AVG

AVG's Anti-Virus Rescue Disks - (text only)

AVG- Free for personal use anti virus software

AVG- Free for personal use anti spyware software


Dial-Up Networking Setup

Dial-Up Networking Setup for Windows 95/98

Dial-Up Networking Setup for Windows 2000

Dial-Up Networking Setup for Windows ME

Dial-Up Networking Setup for Windows CE

Dial-Up Networking Setup for Windows XP

email issues

Dealing with winmail.dat files

Domain "catch-all"_email_addresses.html

Security bulletin in your mail really is from Microsoft?


Eudora Light Setup E-mail

Eudora Light 5.1 Setup

Eudora multiple mails

Eudora - get mail headers for PC


Make Internet Explorer Favourites Available Offline

Remove Content Advisor Password in Internet Explorer

Reset Supervisor Password in Internet Explorer

Configuring MSN Explorer (Windows XP)


Setting Up a DUN Connection in Windows NT4

Dial-Up Networking Setup for Windows NT

Reinstall Dial-Up Networking in Windows NT

Reinstall RAS in Windows NT

Reinstall TCP/IP in Windows NT

Software for Windows:

Office suites

Want to do more with Open Office then go to:

Open Office Addons for Windows

Art/Graphic Packages for Windows:

Outlook - Set Up

Setting Up Outlook Express 4 for Windows

Outlook Express 4/5 Setup

Outlook Express 5 Setup E-Mail

Outlook Express 6.0 Instructions

Outlook Express 97 Internet Mail Instructions

Outlook Express 2000 Instructions

Outlook Express 2002 Instructions

Outlook 2002 Setup Instructions- text

Outlook Express XP Instructions

Outlook - Facilities

Outlook Leaving Mail on Server:

Outlook Express - Getting email headers

Outlook 6 - Getting email headers

Outlook 2000 / 2002 - Getting email headers

Outlook 2002 - Locate the email headers

Outlook 2002 stopping you from opening attachments

Outlook 2002 - Symantec AntiVirus caused an error message


Device Driver Roll Back

Changing Desktop Power Options

Manage Desktop Icons

How to check what version of XP you are using

How to Format a Hard Drive using Windows XP

How to change keyboard language in Windows

Options for Turning Off the PC

Open a (DOS) Prompt in Windows XP

Change the Windows XP Image Viewer

What Happened to Scandisk?

Windows XP Repair

Unistal Windows Media Player Win ME XP

Unistall Windows Media Player Win 98


Faster Connection

How fast is my modem connecting?

Factors that determine how fast a modem will connect

Why modems disconnect

Dial up Networking Error Codes

Other error codes


How can I remove AIM ? (AOL Instant Messenger)

E-Mail Setup for Netscape Communicator 4

E-Mail Setup for Netscape 6

Mozilla Thunderbird

Setting Up Your E-mail in Mozilla Thunderbird


Make Pegasus Multi User

Switch Between Three-Pane and Classic Pegasus Mail Layout


Spam Assassin service


Dial 800 no's from Outside North America by replacing the prefix


Send Mail While Travelling

World Wide Web

Check your web site is "Live"

HTML Code Optimization

Definitions - find the meaning of a technical term,

Change the Text Size in Web Pages

Google Page Rank

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