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Windows XP: Device Driver Roll Back

Windows XP uses device drivers to control how your hardware components perform within the operating system.

Most of the time, when you install new hardware the device driver works but sometimes outright wars breakout between the devices and your computer behaves erratically.

Conflicts can also occur when a manufacturer issues new device drivers to enhance the performance of your hardware.

You install the new drivers and all of a sudden, you system acts strangely.

What can you do?

In addition to the system restore features built into Windows XP, it includes a Device Driver roll back feature.

When you install a new driver, WinXP saves the old driver for restoration purposes.

So if hardware wars start on installation of a new driver, you can simply roll back the driver.

How to roll back device drivers:

After a rollback, your system should perform as before the driver installation.

Contact the vendor to inform them that their new driver didn't work!

Insist that the vendor provide an alternative solution.

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