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We all use the Web for different things at different times.
To help you, we have put together a list of useful search
engines and other facilities.

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Search engines

Yahoo - Lets you pass your query along to other search engines

Google - Currently the most used search engine

All Google bits

Alta Vista - You can do translations here in various languages

Ask Jeeves Pretty neat search engine

DejaNews Now part of Google - with Usenet searches


Excite - another good search engine

HotBot - from HotWired. Search for phrases and people as well.

Lycos - Well known Search engine

Inktomi - based at UC Berkeley - archives of Usenet newsgroups and Mailing lists

WebCrawler Searches the search engines

Wikipedia When you want explanations

Yellow Pages

ZenSearch - Search Engine


Windows Live Search

Internet Movie Database

Convert Currency

Universal Currency Converter FXConverter

Currency Converter - Yahoo! Finance

Currency Calculator

Convert Measurements

Convert length

Conversion online

Mass and Weight







Energy and Work



Circular measure

Computer storage

Fuel Consumption

Irish Business Resources

Irish Companies Office

U.K Companies Office

U.K Companies Office

Irish Trademarks

UK Trademarks

Community Trademarks

Educational Institutions

VAT No. Validation


Published Authors

Law Dictionary

Dictionary for Legal Terms

Tech News


Other Tables

Convert Roman Numerals

Adult Mens and Womens Shoe Size Conversion Table

Periodic Table of the Elements

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