About us

TOPPSI - Connect-Ireland began life as the TOPPSI BBS in 1989.

TOPPSI (To Operate by Providing People with Services and Information) was launched officially by Brian Lenihan, Tanaiste, in 1990.

TOPPSI was responsible for creating the first community network in Ireland and indeed Europe. By providing cost effective communications, TOPPSI successfully introduced the concepts we all now use daily to a wider audience. TOPPSI had a number of innovations, including the first public access Internet mail service, links with numerous international organisations, online databases and online file distribution totalling 17gb. We had the most powerful PC in the country, a 486 with 256 mb of ram and a 1gb hdd which we had to import from the US at a cost then of over 1,200 punts

Connect.ie began operations as an ISP in January 1995. Connect.ie has the priorities of: Quality communication services at cost effective prices.

Our operations drove competitor prices down from 180.00 to 30.00

The Connect,ie commitment to user support is second to none and includes:

  • Installation Suport
  • Support Pages for many common issues
  • On site support
  • Hardware installation and configuration
  • Training and familiarisation courses

  • €50.00 per annum (inclusive).
  • 1 user account (yourname@connect.ie).
  • Dialup / ISDN access with 1891 low rate internet number.
  • Free unlimited support
  • Personal web space (home.connect.ie/yourname)
  • Ftp

We can also provide web page design and graphics services as well as web site promotion, please call for a quotation.

  • €80.00 per annum (inclusive).
  • Up to 3 user accounts
  • Dialup / ISDN access with 1891 low rate internet number.
  • 50 MB personal Web Space.
  • 3 email Addresses (yournames@connect.ie)
  • Additional accounts - phone us
  • Free unlimited support
  • Personal web space
  • Ftp access from anywhere

We can supply all the services that you will need, regardless of the size and type of business that you run and want to promote. We have special arrangements for sme's and also charitable institutions.

So give us a call at 01 2809977 and we will provide you with a competitive quote as well as the information that may assist you with your choice of services which can start from €60.00. €100.00 per annum (inclusive).

  • Dialup / ISDN access with 1891 low rate internet number.
  • 100 MB of Web Space.
  • 3 Dialup Accounts
  • Unlimited email addresses.
  • DNS (Domain Name Services).
  • FTP Access to WWW.
  • €100.00 per annum (inclusive).

For Network Lease Line services, call +353-1-2809977 or email

Web Hosting From:

  • €60.00 per annum (inclusive of VAT) includes:
  • € 30.00 per annum (+ vat) for Irish Domains (.ie)
  • other Domains on request.
D.N.S. / F.T.P. - Domain Name Services - File Transfer Protocol and a choice of:
  • File storage space and access to mysql, php, oontent management services, blogging etc.
  • Domain Names

Some domains are available without charge, please phone for details. All prices inclusive of V.A.T. @ 21.5%.

We can register over 64 types of domain. These include the most popular such as .com, net and org as well as .ie. We can also register all popular domain types for you as well as co.uk, .it, .at, nu., and of course .tl for the world's newest nation, East Timor (Timor Leste)

Some domains require specific conditions for a successful registration.


Notes on the 1891 Number

Please note: If you are using one of the newer telecoms providers, phone us for your best dial up option:

The 1891 access number provides low-cost internet rates for modem and ISDN dialup. Telephone calls are charged at the following prices (including VAT), with comparison to local or "free" internet charges: Internet access type Call type Mon-Fri (9 am-7 pm) All other times Subscription 1891 1.95c per min 0.97c per min "Free" Local 5.07c per min 1.26c per min

The 1891 service was set up by the ODTR, now Comreg. By arrangement with the ODTR/ Comreg, call charges are billed and paid monthly to eircom, on an eircom bill, regardless of whether your phone services are with other telecoms providers. Our 1891 service is restricted to the 01 area.